Planning Caribbean Travel? You Still Have Options.

Two devastating hurricanes ripped through the Caribbean in
September. Sadly, many of our favorite tourism-reliant islands have been demolished.

As we all deal with the damage and aftermath of the recent
Hurricanes in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean, we are all trying to assist in the recovery efforts in our own ways. At the same time, we have been asked by clients to look into areas that were not seriously affected by the storms, in order to relocate business meetings and winter travel.

Many of the most popular islands will not be available this season. To help compile the best research on villa, resort and hotel
accommodations, we have brought in Paula Killion from The Travel Center. Paula has helped arrange outstanding options for some of our customers, and can offer helpful insight into each area. We
recommend contacting Paula at for help arranging your accommodations.

The following locations were essentially spared the wrath of
Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria and would be great travel options.

  • Cayman Islands
  • St. Kitts
  • Nevis
  • Curacao
  • Jamaica
  • Aruba
  • Barbados
  • St. Lucia
  • Martinique
  • The Dominican Republic
  • Belize
  • Costa Rica
  • Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas
  • The Bahamas

if you were planning to travel to the Caribbean this fall or winter, please consider the locations above and contact us for the best jet options to fit your trip.


Lost: Round Trip Pricing. Found: Round Trip Pricing and a Lot of Cash!

Are you new to private aviation? Have you ever heard of round trip pricing? Probably not. Over the past few years all the major
membership companies have phased it out.

Who wins? Jet Card/Jet Membership Company

Who loses? You

Let’s look at the example of a same-day trip from New York (TEB) to Indianapolis (IND). You depart at 9:00 AM and you return at 4:00 PM. The trip is just about 2 hours in each direction so it serves as a great example for other same-day destinations. You have 4
passengers and you prefer to fly in a midsize aircraft.

Jet Card/Jet Membership Cost:

It doesn’t matter which program you are in: Delta, Sentient Jet, Net Jets, Wheels Up, etc. Your hourly cost for a midsize jet is $7,000 per hour all in, billed at actual flight time plus taxi-time. In fact, it’s
actually a few hundred dollars more per hour, but the cost
difference is so extreme we actually rounded down!

Jet Card (Hawker 800XP, Citation XL)

Depart: 9:00 AM Arrive: 11:00 AM

Depart: 4:00 PM Arrive: 6:00 PM


(2 hours flight time)

(2 hours flight time)

4 Hours Total Flight Time x $7,000 per hour = $28,000

FlyPrivate (Hawker 800XP, Citation XL, Hawker 1000, Citation Sovereign)

Depart: 9:00 AM Arrive: 11:00 AM

Depart: 4:00 PM Arrive: 6:00 PM

(2 hours flight time)

(2 hours flight time)

At FlyPrivate, we will provide you with several midsize options (in this example trip, we also had super midsize jet availability for the same price).

You will know your full cost before you fly. We price by the trip, not by the hour, upfront and fixed. This method allows us to leverage the marketplace to get you the best pricing for the same aircraft the membership companies use.


4 Hours Total Flight Time x $4,842 per hour = $19,368 *all in

Citation XL: $19,368
Hawker 800XP: $19,368
Hawker 1000: $19,368
Citation Sovereign: $19,368 (super midsize jet)


Same-Day Trip

Jet Card: TEB-IND-TEB Midsize Jet = $28,000

FlyPrivate: TEB-IND-TEB Midsize Jet = $19,368

Savings with FlyPrivate: $8,632 (30.8%)


As previously stated, the major membership companies have phased out round trip pricing, to benefit themselves, not their clients like you. A couple

of these jet card/membership companies offer you a 10-15%
discount on some trips, but they are still gouging you by 30%, so a 12% give back now and then, makes everyone feel good.

Let us state this VERY clearly: You are overpaying by 30% for the SAME TRIP ON THE SAME AIRCRAFT.

Here is another secret, all the Part 135 Charter Brokerage
Operations, including FlyPrivate and the jet card companies, select aircraft from the same supply.

In case it didn’t sink in the first time – YOU ARE OVERPAYING BY 30% FOR THE SAME AIRCRAFT!

Don’t continue down this path, now that you have been educated on this topic, please contact us for your next “round trip” itinerary and we will provide you with the options.

With our service, you only “Pay as You Fly”.

Join other experienced private fliers who have shed their
membership and regained their capital. Over the past 15 years we have saved our clients millions of dollars and allowed them to fly hundreds more trips with the savings.


Don Smith
Chief Operating Officer FlyPrivate

P.S. Your “one-way” itineraries will also cost you less for the SAME AIRCRAFT.

Q & A with Jan Jones: Part 9 – “Multitasking”


Jan Jones is President of Jan Jones Worldwide, a California-based
speakers bureau. Prior to founding her business, Jan was a highly
effective executive assistant to well known businessmen, including the bestselling author and personal development icon, Tony Robbins. In this guest blog series, Jan Jones shares her knowledge and expertise on a
variety of topics pertaining to executives and their assistants.

Want more from Jan Jones? Check out her Q & A Series: Part 1Part 8!

FlyPrivate: We’ve been hearing lately that “multitasking” is a myth and we should stop trying to do too many things at once. But I recall you saying that being good at multitasking was vital to your success as an executive assistant. Can you clarify? 

Jan Jones: Yes, and I fully believe that, but I should clarify and make the distinction about “multitasking” as it pertains to the executive assistant, as opposed to executives and others.

We now have scientific evidence that multitasking is impossible for our brains and that, in fact, when we think we are multitasking what’s happening is that our brains are almost instantaneously switching back and forth from one task to another. It happens so fast that we are mistaken into thinking we are doing more than one thing at a time. And this is easy to prove. Try giving your full attention to reading an important document at the same time you are trying to pay complete attention to a phone call you are having. You will soon become aware that both tasks are suffering and you have to stop one of them.

So when I say that being good at multitasking was vital to my success as an EA, I mean that my ability to switch back and forth between tasks, at a remarkably rapid pace, was crucial to my ability to
succeed in my job and I’m sure that is the case for many EAs. I’ve
observed people trying to “multitask”, and many people are horrible at it. They get confused when trying to do more than one thing at a time. But for me, and outstanding assistants I’ve observed, it’s a piece of cake.

Something else vital for assistants is that there is evidence, as
published in Scientific American in April 2010, that the brain can keep tabs on two tasks at once, even though we can’t actually do two tasks at once. I think this ability to keep tabs on two tasks at once is crucial to EAs being successful in their job. I liken it to sleeping with one eye open. You’ve always got your eye on things. Nothing escapes your attention. When all those balls you are juggling are up in the air, you’ve got your eye on them to make sure nothing gets dropped. This is a remarkable talent and one that I think is highly developed in the best EAs.

The world of the EA is one of constant interruptions, and if you
support more than one executive, that’s even more applicable to you. But that’s the nature of our job. We don’t have the luxury of
taking ourselves off to some quiet corner where we can focus on one thing at a time, as the experts are constantly advising executives to do. We have to operate in the thick of it all day and everyday, so we must get better and better at making our brains rapidly switch back and forth from task to task.

What will increase your effectiveness is your ability to focus. The ability to switch back to the task you were doing originally, and quickly get right back into the thick of it is key. Yes, science has proved you lose time when you multitask because your brain has to switch back into the mode you were in before the interruption. So, learn to make up for those precious lost seconds by recovering quickly and regaining your focus when you have to get back to the task you were working on. Improve your ability to focus quickly. The ability to focus and not give way to needless distractions is a skill
assistants must develop, especially in this day and age where smart phones are purposely designed to distract us by keeping us addicted to checking them constantly.

This is not a joke.  Some brave souls who work in the technology
arena are now speaking up about the way devices are programmed in order to addict us to our devices.  We need to be vigilant about this so our devices don’t rule our lives in a negative way, destroying our ability to focus and putting us into overload. I urge EAs to read the 60 Minutes piece on “Brain Hacking” where former Google product manager, Tristan Harris discusses how Silicon Valley
exploits neuroscience to keep us addicted to technology.  It is a real eye opener.

Multitasking, even as we understand it scientifically today, will
continue to be the lifeblood of exceptional executive assistants so I say to assistants, don’t stop multitasking, get really good at it.
Develop your ability to focus. It is a life-saving skill for assistants. Practice treating the project you need to focus on as an obsession – as if it is something you really want to do to the exclusion of all else. Once you master this skill, you won’t resent interruptions because your exceptional ability to focus will help you to quickly get back on track.

Author: Jan Jones

©Copyright Jan Jones, 2015 “The CEO’s Secret Weapon”

Jan Jones Worldwide

Visit Amazon to purchase Jan Jones’ new book and visit her website: The CEO’s Secret Weapon.

The CEO’s Secret Weapon: How Great Leaders and Their Assistants Maximize Productivity and Effectiveness

Jan Jones


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Discover the Always Popular Gulfstream IV

Gulfstream GIV-SP
Photo Credits to Gulfstream Aerospace

The Gulfstream IV is a superior heavy jet known for its
performance in terms of speed, range, cabin size and passenger
capacity. The GIV seats 13 and can travel 4,100 nautical miles at
average speeds up to 458 mph. The Gulfstream IV was produced
after re-engineering the wing structure of the Gulfstream III. The GIV offers a standup cabin and a longer transcontinental range than the GIII, as well as a slightly larger baggage capacity and seating for one additional passenger.

Gulfstream GIV

The Gulfstream IV is very popular for long-haul family vacations, transcontinental trips, and golf outings because of its versatility. The GIV has the ability to fly for longer distances, but can conveniently maneuver into smaller airports so it can essentially travel anywhere.

The GIV has had several upgrades over the years including the
special purpose Gulfstream IV-SP and the later redesigned
Gulfstream G400 which has since been updated to the popular G450.

Gulfstream GIV

The Gulfstream IV features forward or rear galleys with ample space for meal service, a crew lavatory and an executive lavatory, a
stateroom with the option for 1-2 berthing divans in the rear of the aircraft, and a cabin attendant. The 169-cubic-foot baggage
compartment is internally and externally accessible and can easily accommodate passengers needs, even when flying with bulky
sporting equipment.

To request a GIV for your next trip, please contact us. We would be happy to provide you with a flight quote.

Gulfstream IV Specifications

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Hawker 800XP: A Charter Favorite

Hawker 800XPIn 1993, Raytheon (the maker of the midsize Hawker series)
purchased the midsize jet the BAE 125-800 from British Aerospace (BAE). It was renamed the Hawker 800 after purchase and later with some enhancements, the Hawker 800XP (XP standing for extended performance). Production of the Hawker 800XP was also moved from the United Kingdom to the United States. In 2007, Beechcraft became the new manufacturer of the Hawker 800XP when Raytheon was sold. Today, the midsize jet is manufactured in several places around the United Kingdom, but the jet is tested and
assembled in the United States.

The Hawker 800XP quickly became one of the most popular jets in the midsize class, especially popular among business travelers
because of its spacious cabin and configuration, making it easy to conduct meetings in the sky. The cabin is larger than its competitor the Learjet 60 and longer than the also popular Citation Excel. The Hawker 800XP also comes equipped with a VGA port so
passengers can project presentations and/or movies from their tablets and laptops onto the two VGA monitors.

Hawker 800XP

The Hawker 800XP is a great midsize option for passengers looking for space, comfort and long range performance. It is a preferred
option for trips with 8 passengers or less and compares to the luxury found on super midsize jets.

This jet is impressive for many reasons, but its improved climb and cruise speeds, powerful twin engines, weight limits and ability to take off and land from shorter runways, make it a customer favorite. The Hawker 800XP also comes equipped standard with an airliner style lavatory, a hot and cold galley, comfortable reclining leather seats in a club configuration, retractable tables, and is great for meeting, working, dining and conversation. There is also a three
person divan (small couch) for a passenger to lay down, and a
baggage compartment that can be accessed while in flight.

Hawker 800XP Specifications

For many customers the Hawker 800XP is their preferred method of travel and we are proud to offer this popular aircraft to our
customers at a considerable savings and value.

Please contact us at 800-641-JETS (5387) to reserve a Hawker 800XP for your next trip!

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The Road Show

Sooner or later you need to be in several places at the same time. Portfolio company, plant and branch location site visits, investor and M&A discussions are just a few of the reasons you may need to schedule a road trip.

Why fly privately? There are many reasons to FlyPrivate. Here are the most compelling:

1. Save time…AND make money. 

We routinely take 5-day commercial itineraries and reduce them to 2 or 3 days. This not only saves time but adds back days of
productivity. The value of your time or an executive team’s can easily exceed $19,000 per day. This savings of travel time, replaced with
increased days of productivity, more than pays for the investment in a private charter.

2. Privacy and Security

Most M&A, IPO, and other investor discussions have a need for
privacy. It can pay big dividends to move as invisibly as possible. Use of a private unmarked aircraft to a private airfield will not broadcast your arrival and departure. The private aircraft itself can be used as a secure conference room allowing for additional planning and preparation. If you need enroute, pre or post-meeting
communication, ask about aircraft with Wi-Fi capability.

3. Schedule Flexibility

Some of the most critical elements to your trip are highly
unpredictable. Whether it is last minute news, availability of a
principal, lab results, or the development of a prototype, meeting times can change. Use of private aviation allows you to revise an
itinerary to suit your agenda. This type of adaptability could be the added measure to achieve success.

4. Health

As anyone who spends a prolonged period of time on the road can attest, traveling comes with inherent health concerns. Commercial airliners, terminal lavatories, armrests, drinking fountains, and
escalators handrails consistently rank as some of the most germ
infested public areas. Reducing exposure to these areas helps to promote better health, energy and productivity for you and your team.

At FlyPrivate we are road show experts. Benefit from our national aircraft options and logistical experience and make your next road trip pay big dividends.

Our service is “pay as you fly”, there is no membership to join.

Please contact us with the details for your next potential road trip.

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Book Your End-of-Summer & Fall Flights Today!

Autumn Mountain Jet

We hope you are enjoying your summer and wanted to take a minute to thank all of our customers who have already booked
summer and fall trips with us!

We are happy to see that many of our corporate fliers, as well as our family travelers, are filling the private skies. If your company has any 4th quarter travel on the calendar, please do not hesitate to call or email our Client Services team for a flight quote.

It is also not too early to take advantage of availability and options for fall travel and events. As the weather gets colder heading into fall, the demand for jet charter will increase.

When the inclement weather in the Northeast, Midwest and Pacific Northwest leads to unpredictable commercial flight delays and
cancellations, you have a better option. Conditions such as heavy fog, snow, sleet and ice can delay both commercial and private flights, but by choosing to charter a private aircraft, you may be able to avoid some of the inclement weather problems by flying into  smaller, alternate airports. In the event of a delay, choosing private jet charter also offers you flexibility, security and personalized
service to get you to your destination on time. Make sure your flights are booked in advance and leave all of the logistics to us!

Fall Travel Reminders

Citation VII_0003.tif

While advanced booking is important heading into fall and winter, there is still plenty of summer left. If you haven’t booked, please let us know! It is the perfect time to start thinking about booking your commuter trips to your second homes and holiday travel, to get the best rates and flight options.

We appreciate your continued support of FlyPrivate and look
forward to your next trip! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook,
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Flight Request

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All flights arranged by Private Business Jets, LLC DBA FlyPrivate are operated by Part 135 Certified Air Carriers. FlyPrivate will act as your agent for the purpose of obtaining charter service.

Secrets to Stretching Your Private Aviation Budgets

Whether you are new to private aviation or a seasoned veteran, there are some little known industry secrets that we’d like to share with you. Let’s have a conversation about helping you stretch your aviation budget, allowing your money to go a little bit further, so you can fly more often.

To schedule a quick (5 minute) conversation with our COO, Don Smith, please click the link and use one of the subject lines below, that best describes your experience with private aviation. From there, we can start the conversation that is most appropriate for your needs, at your convenience.

For the Private Aviation Novice

For the Private Aviation Veteran

Redefine Luxury in a Gulfstream 450

The Gulfstream 450 is a long-range heavy jet and is considered one of the best in its class. According to Gulfstream, “Functionality is a mainstay of the Gulfstream G450. This is an aircraft that offers more payload, more cabin configurations and has a cockpit equipped with advanced guidance systems, some of which aren’t even available outside the Gulfstream fleet.”

The G450 can travel non-stop over 5,005 statute miles at a cruise speed of 609 mph, making it ideal for trans-continental trips, as well as cross-country flights. With a full galley containing a conventional oven, microwave oven, sink, cooled storage, china dinnerware and stemware, full meal service can easily be arranged. This jet offers a fully enclosed lavatoy with closets for additional storage. There is also 169 cubic feet of ample baggage space that is
accessible while in-flight.


The Gulfstream G450 sets the standard for luxury, reliability and performance. The heavy jet can seat up to 16 people at max capacity in the large stand-up cabin and berth up to six. The cabin is ideal for conducting business with its advanced soundproofing technologies that cuts outside noise significantly. To combat fatigue and
contribute to passenger comfort, fresh air is circulated around the cabin every two minutes. The 12 oval windows allow for more
natural light in the cabin making for a more enjoyable ride.

Gulfstream 450 exterior

The spacious interior of the Gulfstream G450 is 1525 cubic feet, with a cabin height of 6′ 2″, width of 7′ 4″ and length of 40′ 4″. Many G450s come standard with other cabin technologies
including: a seven-channel Honeywell satellite communications
system, CD/DVD player, Wi-Fi network, printer, fax machine, LCD TV screens, cabin audio system, electrical outlets, and tables to
conduct work.

G450 interior

Images courtesy of

The impressive range and speed of the Gulfstream G450 is due largely to the new wing design that helps cut down on drag and help with fuel capacity and consumption. The technological capabilities in the cockpit are also quite impressive. Gulfstream boasts that “the most advanced technology comes standard issue in the Gulfstream G450 PlaneView cockpit. Four multifunction 14-inch liquid crystal display units provide layers of data such as interactive navigation, electronic approach charts, and satellite and radar weather images. Colorful graphics paired with well-organized, streamlined data
improve pilots’ situational awareness and their ability to respond to changing conditions.” Equipped with an Enhanced Vision System (EVS) and Head-Up Display (HUD), pilots can easily monitor their surroundings even in low visibility conditions.

To request a Gulfstream G450 for your next trip, contact us!

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An Inside Look at the Learjet 70


Learjet 70

(Photo credits:

In 2012, Bombardier announced development of a new light
business jet
. The Learjet 70 received FAA Certification by 2013 and flew its first flight in 2014. The Learjet 70 is an enhanced version of the Learjet 40, offering notable upgrades to its predecessor. Learjets have always been synonymous with best-in-class business jets, so it is no surprise the Learjet 70 continues to fulfill that legacy.

The Learjet 70’s performance capabilities are quite impressive. With a range of 2371 statute miles and the capability to reach speeds of 534 mph, this jet can travel to more destinations without a fuel stop.
Another impressive feature of this aircraft is its ability to quickly reach high altitudes above the weather, offering a smoother flying experience for passengers. With precise landing gear, this jet can comfortably handle shorter runways with ease. Powerful engines and a new winglet design are just a few examples of advancements that make the Learjet 70 a great choice for charter.

Learjet 70 interior

The cabin of the Learjet 70 measures 17′ 8″ in length, 4′ 11″ in height, and 5′ 1″ in width. This aircraft comfortably seats 6-7
passengers, has stunning interior details and offers all of the
technology needed to conduct business in the sky.  The wider cabin makes for a more relaxing flight with ample legroom to stretch out and relax. Executive tables and pop-up monitors in the forward club section offer passengers a comfortable work environment. In
addition, the Learjet 70 has a redesigned galley with more work and storage space for meal service. There is also an aft lavatory on board with a sink and vanity mirror. The Learjet 70 has an external baggage compartment that provides 50 cubic feet of baggage space and
another 15 cubic feet of internal storage. The Learjet 70 truly
embodies the next generation of light business jets.

Learjet 70

Pilots are equally as impressed with the Learjet 70. According to Bombardier, “The Bombardier Learjet 70 business jet offers industry leading avionics that ensure superior value and a superlative pilot
experience in all phases of flight. The result is a spacious, well-organized setting for maximum pilot productivity, safety, and convenience. Everything pilots need to know while flying – data, instruments, systems, avionics functions, maps, and weather – is in view and at their fingertips.”

Learjet 70

If the Learjet 70 sounds like the right jet for your next flight, please contact us. We’d love to talk to you about your trip and provide you with a complimentary flight quote.

Learjet 70 Aircraft Specs

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FlyPrivate – Private Jet resource for business flights, personal flights and all jet charter in between.

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