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Secrets to Stretching Your Private Aviation Budgets

Whether you are new to private aviation or a seasoned veteran, there are some little known industry secrets that we’d like to share with you. Let’s have a conversation about helping you stretch your aviation budget, allowing your money to go a little bit further, so you can fly more often.

To schedule a quick (5 minute) conversation with our COO, Don Smith, please click the link and use one of the subject lines below, that best describes your experience with private aviation. From there, we can start the conversation that is most appropriate for your needs, at your convenience.

For the Private Aviation Novice

For the Private Aviation Veteran

What Your Jet Card Doesn’t Want You to Know

Are you new to private aviation? Have you ever heard of round trip pricing? Probably not. Over the past few years all the major
membership companies have phased it out.

Who wins? Jet Card/Jet Membership Company

Who loses? You

Let’s look at the example of a same-day trip from New York (TEB) to Indianapolis (IND). You depart at 9:00 AM and you return at 4:00 PM. The trip is just about 2 hours in each direction so it serves as a great example for other same-day destinations. You have 4
passengers and you prefer to fly in a midsize aircraft.

It doesn’t matter which program you are in: Delta, Sentient Jet, Net Jets, Wheels Up, etc. Your hourly cost for a midsize jet is $7,000 per hour all in, billed at actual flight time plus taxi-time. In fact, it’s
actually a few hundred dollars more per hour, but the cost
difference is so extreme we actually rounded down!

Jet Card/Jet Membership (Hawker 800XP, Citation XL)

Depart: 9:00 AM    TEB-IND

Arrive: 11:00 AM    (2 hours flight time)

Depart: 4:00 PM     IND-TEB

Arrive: 6:00 PM       (2 hours flight time)

Price:  4 Hours Total Flight Time x $7,000 per hour = $28,000

FlyPrivate  (Hawker 800XP, Citation XL, Hawker 1000, Citation Sovereign)

Depart: 9:00 AM    TEB-IND

Arrive: 11:00 AM    (2 hours flight time)

Depart: 4:00 PM     IND-TEB

Arrive: 6:00 PM       (2 hours flight time)

At FlyPrivate, we will provide you with several midsize options (in this example trip, we also had super midsize jet availability for the same price).

You will know your full cost before you fly. We price by the trip, not by the hour, upfront and fixed. This method allows us to leverage the marketplace to get you the best pricing and aircraft options.

Price: 4 Hours Total Flight Time x $4,842 per hour = $19,368 *all in

Citation XL:  $19,368

Hawker 800XP: $19,368

Hawker 1000: $19,368

Citation Sovereign: $19,368 (super midsize jet)


Same-Day Trip

Jet Card:       TEB-IND-TEB           Midsize Jet = $28,000

FlyPrivate:    TEB-IND-TEB           Midsize Jet = $19,368

Savings with FlyPrivate: $8,632  (30.8%)


As previously stated, the major membership companies have phased out round trip pricing, to benefit themselves, not their clients like you. A couple of these jet card/membership companies offer you a 10-15% discount on some trips, but they are still gouging you by 30%, so a 12% give back now and then, makes everyone feel good.

Let us state this VERY clearly: You are overpaying by 30% for the SAME TRIP ON THE SAME AIRCRAFT.

Here is another secret. FlyPrivate and all of the major membership companies, use the same Part 135 charter aircraft.

In case it didn’t sink in the first time – YOU ARE OVERPAYING BY 30% FOR THE SAME AIRCRAFT!

Don’t continue down this path, now that you have been educated on this topic, please contact us for your next “round trip” itinerary and we will provide you with the options.

With our service, you only “Pay as You Fly”.

Join other experienced private fliers who have shed their
membership and regained their capital. Over the past 15 years we have saved our clients millions of dollars and allowed them to fly hundreds more trips with the savings.


Don Smith

Chief Operating Officer


P.S. Your “one-way” itineraries will also cost you less for the SAME AIRCRAFT.

Seasons Greetings & Happy Holidays!


During the holiday season more than ever, our thoughts turn
gratefully to those who have made our progress possible.
And in this spirit we say, simply but sincerely, thank you.

To our valued customers, we appreciate you choosing FlyPrivate for your business and personal travel throughout the year. Please
contact us
to discuss your 2017 travel plans. The New Year is the perfect time to experience the FlyPrivate difference.

Happy Holidays!

Aviation Firm Sees Big Growth

Photo Credits: Jamie Cotten

By Paul E. Kandarian – Globe Correspondent – November 04, 2016

“Hingham-based Fly Private is a small private aviation firm that owns no aircraft but has access to 2,000 around the world. The
company was started by Don Smith, chief operating officer, and Greg Goodwin, vice president of marketing, both having previously worked for another private aviation firm before starting their own in 2002. We spoke to Smith, a Scituate resident, for this story.

Q. What makes Fly Private different from other firms like yours?

A. We don’t have acquisition fees or monthly maintenance fees, and we don’t ask for money up front. You pay only for what you use, by the trip, so you’re not tied up with long-term contracts or
commitments. We’re not wrapped up in hype; we don’t spend a
fortune on advertising. We’re not that well known, and that’s fine; we like to think we’re the best-kept secret in private aviation.

Q. Where do your clients fly?

A. All over the world, including a lot to the Caribbean. We had one family that started a trip in San Francisco, went through China, around Europe and back through the United States. We do trips for people going to college football games, the World Series, the Super Bowl, golf tournaments. Whatever the clients wants to do, we can do.

Q. Do most of your clients fly for business or personal reasons?

A. It’s about equal. From a customer standpoint, there are probably more personal fliers, but the dollar volume is higher for business travelers. And there’s crossover; some flying on business combine trips for personal use.

Q. Has growth been good?

A. We saw huge growth from 2002 to 2008, and by 2008 had a three-year growth of 197 percent, which got us 25th on Inc.’s top 100 transportation companies list. Business went down in the
recession, but then it came back and stayed. It’s grown steadily since.

Q. Do celebrities use your services?

A. Yes, and I won’t name them. For them, it’s just a way to get around, athletes flying home to be with their families, or flying the kids in to see games, things like that. Celebrity flying is Hollywood stuff that gets overblown. Ultra high-worth people aren’t looking for publicity; they just want a way to get to their events, and can get there
privately. They’re just nice people; this isn’t a big deal for them.

Read the full article from The Boston Globe.

Let us handle the REST

We allow our customers to REST and be taken care of. We
understand and respect that you have worked hard to earn the
privilege to travel by private aviation. Our organization provides our customers the finest value in private aviation by operating upon the foundation of the REST concept.


Reliability: For 14 years and thousands of flights we have been a trusted partner.


Experience: Based upon delivering thousands of flights, we
recognize, anticipate and address all of the details of each flight so that our customers have a great trip time after time. Experienced
private fliers are keenly aware and grateful for how simple we can make the most complex trips.


Service: Private aviation with FlyPrivate is one of the last remaining places where the concept of “yes” is still alive. Every day we deliver solutions that keep our customers returning.


Trust: We have our customers best interests in mind on each and
every trip, from the aircraft we select, to the recommendations we make. Our customers who share the same belief have realized
amazing aviation value over the course of their relationship with us.

REST part-of-the-program

FlyPrivate Team

Each day we are hard at work so our customers can REST and relax when traveling privately.

When is your next trip? Give us the details and contact us today for your best options and pricing.

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All flights arranged by Private Business Jets, LLC DBA FlyPrivate are operated by Part 135 Certified Air Carriers. FlyPrivate will act as your agent for the purpose of obtaining charter service.

Pan-Mass Challenge: Cycle for a Cure

We want to recognize FlyPrivate’s Director of Client Services, Steve S. who rode for the second year in yesterday’s 50 mile Pan-Mass Challenge! For the past two years Steve has ridden on his brothers’ team, CYCLE FOR COLBY. In November of 2012, at the age of 16, Steve’s niece was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She finished chemo treatments in June 2013 and has officially been a Cancer Survivor since November of 2013! For the past two years, Colby has completed the ride with her team. Steve rides for his niece along with everyone else who has been affected by Cancer. To donate or learn more about Colby’s story visit: http://www2.pmc.org/profile/CS0292.

Colbys Ride 2015_2

Colbys Ride 2015_1

Colbys Ride 2015_3

Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Golf Outing

Beautiful day volunteering for Tipsy Tatas at their annual Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Golf Outing at Southers Marsh Golf Club in Plymouth, MA. Everything was wonderful from the venue to the

FlyPrivate’s Marketing Manager Bekky with her friend, and Tipsy Tatas Event Coordinator and volunteer, Liz.

Tipsy Tatas Golf Outing 2015

Raffle Prize

Tipsy Tatas Golf Outing 2015_2

Tipsy Tatas Taking a Swing Against Breast Cancer

Tipsy Tatas Golf Outing 2015_4

Southers Marsh Golf Club Venue

Tipsy Tatas Golf Outing 2015_5

And they’re off! Golfers getting ready to start the day.

Tipsy Tatas Golf Outing 2015_6

More awesome raffle and auction items.

Tipsy Tatas Golf Outing 2015_3

Why Do Our Customers Use FlyPrivate?

Falcon 50 Interior

See what our customers are saying about their experience with
FlyPrivate, and contact us for your flight quote. We look forward to speaking with you and handling all of your private aviation needs.

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“I think they are fantastic. My boss is in the air all the time. All I do is pick up the phone and call it’s very easy.”

They do what they say they will do. Our passengers are perfectly happy. It is a seamless experience.”

“All seven executives were bowled over by the service.”

“One of my friends who uses another private aviation company said, ‘We don’t get this sort of treatment!’

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Website: www.flyprivate.com
Email: fly@flyprivate.com
Phone: 1-800-641-JETS (5387)

All flights arranged by Private Business Jets, LLC DBA FlyPrivate are operated by Part 135 Certified Air Carriers. FlyPrivate will act as your agent for the purpose of obtaining charter service.