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FlyPrivate to The Masters© 2018

Photo courtesy of The Masters© Golf Tournament

The Masters© Golf Tournament is right around the corner and the Augusta National Golf Club is not the only place in the Augusta area busy preparing for the festivities to be held April 2nd-8th, 2018. If you’re planning to use private aviation to get you to and from the
action on the fairway, it is imperative that you plan ahead. With
thousands of private aircraft expected to be traveling through two of the most popular local FBOs, Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) and Aiken Aviation Enterprises (AIK), flights book quickly and arrival slots and parking is limited.

Over the years, we’ve had the chance to interview the Director of Aviation Services at AGS and the Customer Service Supervisor at AIK, to ask them what passengers should expect when flying into the area during The Masters© week. They also gave us an inside look at what it takes to prepare for such a large international event and how they will accommodate all of the additional travelers. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of The Masters© Golf Tournament

FlyPrivate®: “What are you doing to prepare for the influx of
traffic expected during The Masters© tournament?”

AGS Director of Aviation Services: “We start the planning process as early as August. We review items from the previous year’s event and continually make tweaks to the operations to ensure that the proper staffing levels and supplies are sufficient. We have implemented an aircraft parking reservation system which will help maximize ramp space utilization.”

AIK Customer Service Supervisor: “To prepare for the influx of traffic during The Masters tournament, Aiken Aviation takes many steps to ensure a convenient and pleasurable experience for each individual. Aiken Aviation brings in additional fuel trucks for speedy fueling, additional transportation to transport passengers and pilots to and from their aircraft if needed, and the line and customer service hours are extended to accommodate those arriving or departing outside of our normal operating hours.”

FlyPrivate®: “Do you plan to ramp up staff for the event? If so,
approximately by how much?”

AGS: “Yes, we bring in additional fuelers and customer service support. We normally operate with 15 employees but that number increases to 65 during Master’s week.”

AIK: “Aiken Aviation is doubling its staff for the event in order to swiftly and professionally accommodates each aircraft.”

Photo courtesy of The Masters© Golf Tournament

FlyPrivate®: “On average, how many flights in and out of AGS and AIK do you expect during these dates?”

AGS:Augusta Regional Airport typically has about 2000 operations during the week and we’re expecting a slight improvement for this year.”

AIK: Aiken Aviation has a little over 400 arrivals during the week of The Masters. This year we are looking forward to another great week of flights.”

FlyPrivate®: “Which dates are the most popular for flights?
(i.e. What are the busiest days?)”

AGS: “Thursday is probably the busiest day because it’s the first official day for tournament play followed by the last day, Sunday evening. It’s hustle and bustle to ensure that every flight is ready for departure. It’s an amazing site to see airplanes departing one right after another.”

AIK: “The latter part of the week is the most popular for flights, when the practice rounds are over and the rounds take place on that Thursday,
Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

FlyPrivate®: “Do you have any preferred vendors you would

AGS: “I couldn’t pick just one, because they all do a nice job, but what I can say is that the southern hospitality will definitely be in full effect!”

FlyPrivate®: (Check out the Masters Housing Bureau for properties to rent during your visit to The Masters©.)

AIK: “Aiken Aviation recommends Enterprise Rent-A-Car service as they will be on site that week for all your needs. There are many wonderful hotels in the area such as the Town Place Suites and the Hilton Garden Inn, just to name a few.  Downtown Aiken offers beautiful scenery with an array of unique and delicious eateries from coffee shops, diners and delis to three course gourmet restaurants.”

Photo courtesy of The Masters© Golf Tournament

FlyPrivate®: “Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about AGS and AIK that may be helpful when planning their trip?”

AGS: “Plan carefully and super early with respect to lodging, and
transportation. Most importantly enjoy your golf experience, most people never get the opportunity.”

AIK: “It is a pleasant surprise at how easy and convenient it is to fly in and out of Aiken, plus we are an easy, non-congested drive (about 27 minutes) on Interstate 20 to get to the Augusta National Golf Course. Our prompt and personalized attention along with our Southern hospitality is always a delight. We are well-known for our superior customer service and we will strive to make all trips to Aiken, SC a memorable one.”


Experience Luxury in the Learjet 45


The Bombardier Learjet 45 was first introduced at the US National Business Aircraft Association’s annual convention in 1992, and the first consumer aircraft was delivered in 1998. The Learjet 45 was designed to replace the Learjet 35 and offers the classic Learjet
layout with enhanced and improved design features. In 2004, the Learjet 45 evolved into the Learjet 45XR which offers an upgraded engine and improved climbing performance.

The Learjet 45, and newer Learjet 45XR, are categorized within the Light Jet class, but offer many of the features and benefits found in Midsize Jets. When looking at performance, the Learjet 45 excels in both high and low speed handling, runway performance and fuel
efficiency. On the interior, the Learjet 45 was designed to offer the most passenger space possible for a light jet.

Learjet 45 Interior

The Learjet 45’s cabin can accommodate 8 passengers and a flightcrew of two. The additional legroom, galley storage, full width aft restroom, and wider than average seats offer passengers a
comfortable and practical experience. This jet also offers work
tables that fold down from the walls and a quiet, temperature
controlled cabin, ideal for working from the air. The Learjet 45 has an external baggage compartment that provides 50 cubic feet of baggage space and another 15 cubic feet of internal storage. The Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite comes standard on the
Learjet 45XR and includes a 3-D approach navigation system.

When comparing the cruise performance, the Learjet 45 is top in its class. It can cruise at speeds of 465 mph and is able to fly 1,824
nautical miles nonstop. This jet also offers the most advanced anti-ice system of any light or midsize jet, can complete a 1,000
nautical mile trip in just over 2 hours, and the 904-gallon fuel system can be filled rapidly in about 10 minutes, offering very quick
turnaround. The Learjet 45 really shines at cruise altitude and offers exceptional handling capabilities, as well as fuel economy. The
Learjet 45 and Learjet 45XR are great options for anyone looking for a cost-effective light jet that offers superior performance.

Learjet 45XR

To request a Learjet 45 for your next trip, please contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with a flight quote for your next trip.

Learjet 45 Specifications

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Redefine Luxury in a Gulfstream 450

The Gulfstream 450 is a long-range heavy jet and is considered one of the best in its class. According to Gulfstream, “Functionality is a mainstay of the Gulfstream G450. This is an aircraft that offers more payload, more cabin configurations and has a cockpit equipped with advanced guidance systems, some of which aren’t even available outside the Gulfstream fleet.”

The G450 can travel non-stop over 5,005 statute miles at a cruise speed of 609 mph, making it ideal for trans-continental trips, as well as cross-country flights. With a full galley containing a conventional oven, microwave oven, sink, cooled storage, china dinnerware and stemware, full meal service can easily be arranged. This jet offers a fully enclosed lavatoy with closets for additional storage. There is also 169 cubic feet of ample baggage space that is
accessible while in-flight.


The Gulfstream G450 sets the standard for luxury, reliability and performance. The heavy jet can seat up to 16 people at max capacity in the large stand-up cabin and berth up to six. The cabin is ideal for conducting business with its advanced soundproofing technologies that cuts outside noise significantly. To combat fatigue and
contribute to passenger comfort, fresh air is circulated around the cabin every two minutes. The 12 oval windows allow for more
natural light in the cabin making for a more enjoyable ride.

Gulfstream 450 exterior

The spacious interior of the Gulfstream G450 is 1525 cubic feet, with a cabin height of 6′ 2″, width of 7′ 4″ and length of 40′ 4″. Many G450s come standard with other cabin technologies
including: a seven-channel Honeywell satellite communications
system, CD/DVD player, Wi-Fi network, printer, fax machine, LCD TV screens, cabin audio system, electrical outlets, and tables to
conduct work.

G450 interior

Images courtesy of www.gulfstream.com

The impressive range and speed of the Gulfstream G450 is due largely to the new wing design that helps cut down on drag and help with fuel capacity and consumption. The technological capabilities in the cockpit are also quite impressive. Gulfstream boasts that “the most advanced technology comes standard issue in the Gulfstream G450 PlaneView cockpit. Four multifunction 14-inch liquid crystal display units provide layers of data such as interactive navigation, electronic approach charts, and satellite and radar weather images. Colorful graphics paired with well-organized, streamlined data
improve pilots’ situational awareness and their ability to respond to changing conditions.” Equipped with an Enhanced Vision System (EVS) and Head-Up Display (HUD), pilots can easily monitor their surroundings even in low visibility conditions.

To request a Gulfstream G450 for your next trip, contact us!

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